Top Instagram Hashtags for Artists: Boost Your Visibility Now!

Top instagram hashtags for artists are #art, #artist, #painting, #illustration, #drawing, #artwork, and #instaart. These hashtags can boost your reach and help you connect with fellow artists and potential customers.

Instagram is a great platform for artists to showcase their work and reach a wider audience. However, with so many artists on the platform, it can be tough to stand out and get noticed. That’s where using the right hashtags comes in.

By using the top instagram hashtags for artists such as #art, #artist, and #instaart, you can increase your visibility and connect with fellow creatives. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top hashtags for artists and how you can use them to grow your following on instagram.

Top Instagram Hashtags for Artists: Boost Your Visibility Now!


Using Niche-Specific Hashtags

Explanation Of Why Artists Should Use Niche-Specific Hashtags Instead Of Generic Ones

Using hashtags on instagram is a powerful way for artists to increase their reach and connect with their target audience. However, using generic hashtags such as #art or #painting may not be the best way to attract the right audience.

  • Generic hashtags such as #art or #painting are too broad and have millions of posts. It means that there are high competition and a lot of spam accounts that use these hashtags. Your content is more likely to get lost in the crowd.
  • By using niche-specific hashtags, you will reach people who are specifically interested in the type of art you create. This will increase your chances of getting more likes, comments, and followers from engaged users who could potentially become clients. You will increase your chances of attracting the right audience.
  • Niche-specific hashtags can help you build a community around your artwork. By using hashtags that are relevant to your niche, you can connect with other artists, collectors, and enthusiasts who share your passion and interests. This could help you to collaborate with other artists or get featured on art-related accounts.

Examples Of Niche-Specific Hashtags For Different Types Of Art

The following are examples of niche-specific hashtags that artists can use to make their artwork more discoverable on instagram:

  • #watercolorart is a popular hashtag for artists who create watercolor paintings. It has over 2 million posts, so it’s not too niche, but not too broad either. It can help watercolor artists connect with other watercolor enthusiasts, art collectors, and galleries.
  • #streetart is a great hashtag for urban artists who create murals, graffiti, or stencil art. This hashtag has over 15 million posts, making it a popular choice for contemporary artists who want to showcase their work to a wider audience.
  • #ceramics is a niche-specific hashtag that ceramic artists can use to showcase their pottery and ceramic sculptures. It has over 2 million posts and can attract collectors, galleries, and other artists who are interested in ceramics.
  • #digitalart is a niche-specific hashtag for artists who create digital illustrations, gifs, or animations. This hashtag has over 11 million posts and can help digital artists find fans, clients, and collaborators.
  • #photomanipulation is a niche-specific hashtag for artists who create surreal or manipulated photographs. It has over 1 million posts and can attract people who are interested in the beauty of manipulated images.

By using niche-specific hashtags, artists can reach a more targeted audience, connect with other artists, and ultimately build their brand. It’s essential to do some research and find hashtags that are relevant to your niche, and have a moderate number of posts.

By using a combination of niche-specific and mainstream hashtags, you can maximize your chances of getting discovered on instagram.

Leveraging Trending Hashtags

Explanation Of How Trending Hashtags Work And Why They’Re Important

Trending hashtags are those that are receiving a high volume of engagement on instagram within a specified period. Instagram’s algorithm uses hashtags to surface relevant content to its users, making it a vital component of an artist’s social media marketing strategy.

Leveraging trending hashtags can significantly increase the visibility of an artist’s content, helping them reach a broader audience. Additionally, using trending hashtags helps artists stay up-to-date with the latest trends and topics in their niche.

Tips For Finding Trending Hashtags Relevant To The Art Niche

As an artist, finding trending hashtags relevant to your niche can be challenging. Fortunately, there are several tools and strategies you can use to discover trending hashtags to incorporate into your instagram posts.

  • Look up popular hashtags: Start with a search for popular art-related hashtags. Some examples include #drawing, #painting, #sketching, or #digitalart. Use instagram search bar to get a list of the most popular hashtags based on the number of times they’ve been used.
  • Use art-focused hashtags: In addition to popular hashtags, there are also several art-focused hashtags that are especially relevant to artists. Examples include #arttherapy, #inktober, #artprocess, and #artstudio. These hashtags can help you connect with other artists and attract followers interested in your specific niche.
  • Follow relevant accounts: Identify accounts that post similar content to yours and have a sizable following. Look at the hashtags they are using and consider adding them to your posts when relevant.
  • Stay up-to-date with events: Stay updated on the latest art events and incorporate relevant hashtags into your posts. For example, if there’s an upcoming art festival or gallery opening, look for official hashtags associated with the event.
  • Use a hashtag generator: Consider using tools like all hashtag, hashtagsforlikes, and others to generate a list of trending hashtags relevant to your niche. These tools offer various services like generating hashtags based on popularity, relevancy, and other criteria.

By incorporating trending hashtags into your instagram posts, including those relevant to the art niche, artists can connect with new followers, increase their engagement rate, and expand their online presence significantly.

Creating Your Own Hashtags

Explanation Of How Creating Your Own Hashtags Can Help Build A Personal Brand On Instagram

Using hashtags is an effective way to increase the visibility of your art on instagram, but creating your own customized hashtags can take your personal brand to the next level. Not only can it help you stand out from the crowd, but it can also make it easier for people to find and tag your work.

  • Greater brand recognition – when you create your own hashtag, you establish a unique visual brand on instagram that can help increase your art’s visibility to a wider audience.
  • More targeted audience – by using specific hashtags that represent your style, message, or subject matter, you can attract a more targeted audience who is more likely to engage with your art and follow your account.
  • Trackable analytics – tracking the analytics of your customized hashtags can give you a better insight into the performance of your posts and engagement rates, allowing you to tailor your content for better results.

Tips For Creating And Promoting Your Own Branded Hashtags, Such As Joebloggsart

Now that you understand the benefits of creating your own hashtags, it’s time to start brainstorming some ideas.

  • Be unique and memorable – your hashtag should be unique and easy to remember to help it stand out from the millions of hashtags being created every day. It could be your name, a catchy phrase, your art style, or anything else that defines you.
  • Keep it short and sweet – ideally, you want your hashtag to be short and catchy, making it easy for people to remember while still being relevant to your art.
  • Make it relevant to your brand – your hashtag should be relevant to your personal brand or art style to attract the right audience and promote your work consistently.
  • Include it in your bio – once you’ve created your hashtag, be sure to include it in your instagram bio to make it easy for people to find and use it.
  • Add it to every post – including your hashtag in every post makes it easier for people to discover your content and share it with their followers, potentially leading to more engagement and followers.
  • Collaborate with other artists – collaborating with other artists who share similar hashtags can help expose your work to a new audience and drive more traffic to your account.
  • Promote it on other platforms – promote your hashtag on other platforms, such as twitter, facebook, or your website to increase its reach and engagement.

Creating your own personalized hashtags can help you stand out from the crowd and build a strong personal brand on instagram. By following these tips, you can create an effective hashtag that showcases your unique art style and attracts the right audience to your account.

Remember, the key to successful branding is consistency, so don’t forget to use your hashtag with every post!

Maximizing Hashtag Use

Explanation Of Best Practices For Using Hashtags On Instagram

Hashtags are a fantastic way for artists to get discovered on instagram. However, to maximize their success, certain strategies need to be followed.

  • Always research hashtags before using them. This ensures that you are using the appropriate hashtags for your art and that the ones you choose are popular. It would help if you aimed to use hashtags that have been used at least 1000 times.
  • Use a combination of popular and niche-specific hashtags. Popular hashtags allow your artwork to be seen by a wide audience, while niche-specific hashtags allow your artwork to be seen by a more specific audience who have a particular interest in your style of art.
  • Keep track of your hashtags and analyze your results to determine which ones work best for you. Doing so will help you to develop a hashtag strategy that suits your artwork and gets it in front of the right people.
  • Don’t use too many hashtags – the optimal number is between 7-9. Using too many hashtags can come across as spammy, and it detracts from the quality of your post.
  • Ensure your hashtags are always relevant to your artwork. Using irrelevant hashtags can tarnish the quality of your post and decrease the chances of your artwork being seen.

Tips For Creating A Hashtag Strategy

Creating a hashtag strategy is crucial for every artist who wants to maximize the use of hashtags on instagram.

  • Define your niche and research the hashtags that are used in your niche. This will help you to find the hashtags that best suit your artwork style.
  • Use a mix of both broad and specific hashtags. Broad hashtags will help you to reach a wider audience, and specific hashtags will target your ideal audience.
  • Use hashtags that are both popular and less popular. It is always good to use a mix of hashtags as it increases your chances of getting in front of the right people.
  • Use emojis in your hashtags. Emojis are an excellent way to draw attention to your artwork and help it stand out in a sea of hashtags.
  • Analyze the hashtags that your competitors are using. This will help you to find new hashtags to add to your list and assist you in finding ways to get your content more discoverable.

By using these tips, you can create a hashtag strategy that will maximize your artwork’s visibility and increase your chances of being seen by the right people on instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions For Top Instagram Hashtags For Artists

What Are The Best Instagram Hashtags For Artists?

Using hashtags like #art, #artistsoninstagram, #artoftheday, #abstractart, #fineart, #artgallery, #artcollector, #artlovers, and #art_spotlight can help your art gain traction on instagram and make it easier for people to discover your work.

How Many Hashtags Can I Use In An Instagram Post?

Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. However, using all 30 may come across as spammy. It’s recommended to use around 5-10 hashtags per post, focusing on the most relevant and popular ones.

Can I Create My Own Hashtags For My Art?

Yes! Creating your own hashtag specific to your brand or artwork can help you create a following and make it easier for people to find your work on instagram. Choose something unique and memorable that relates to your artwork.

How Can I Find New Instagram Hashtags To Use?

You can use instagram’s search function to find popular hashtags related to your art or use a hashtag generator tool like hashtagsforlikes or hashtagify to discover new and trending hashtags. You can also check out the hashtags your favorite artists use on their posts.

Can I Get In Trouble For Using Banned Instagram Hashtags?

Yes, using banned hashtags like #adulting, #elevator, and #snapchat can result in instagram shadowbanning your account, limiting your reach and engagement. It’s important to research and make sure the hashtags you’re using are not on the banned list.


As an artist, instagram is a great platform for showcasing your work and gaining a following. Using the right hashtags can help increase your visibility and reach a larger audience. By incorporating a mix of popular and niche hashtags, you can attract new followers and connect with fellow artists and art enthusiasts.

Remember to also engage with your followers and other users by liking and commenting on their posts. Consistency is key, so make it a habit to post regularly and use relevant hashtags. With these top instagram hashtags for artists, you can elevate your profile and expand your reach in the art world.

Don’t forget to experiment with different hashtags and see what works best for you and your art. Happy hashtagging!


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