Best Hashtags Generator for Instagram: Boost Your Reach with These Tools.

Best Hashtags Generator for Instagram

The best hashtags generator for instagram is hashtagsforlikes. It helps users find relevant and trending hashtags to boost their engagement and followers.

If you want to increase your visibility and attract more followers on instagram, using the right hashtags is essential. Hashtagsforlikes is a popular tool that generates a list of relevant and popular hashtags based on your niche or industry. It also gives insights into your competitor’s hashtags and shows you the best-performing hashtags for your content.

With hashtagsforlikes, you can optimize your instagram strategy by using the top-performing hashtags, increasing your reach to potential followers, and boosting your engagement. Don’t miss out on this powerful tool and take your instagram account to the next level.

Best Hashtags Generator for Instagram: Boost Your Reach with These Tools.


Features To Look For In A Hashtags Generator

When it comes to using hashtags on instagram, it can be challenging to know which ones to choose. That’s where a good hashtags generator comes into play. Not all hashtags generators are created equal, though.

Ability To Analyze Hashtags Metrics

One of the essential features of a good hashtags generator is the ability to analyze hashtags metrics. This feature allows you to see how many posts are using a specific hashtag, which can help you determine how popular it is.

Furthermore, analyzing hashtags metrics can help you identify similar hashtags that you could use to increase your reach. A good hashtags generator should also help you identify hashtags with high engagement rates to enhance your brand’s visibility.

Some additional points to keep in mind when looking for this feature include:

  • It should allow you to view the metrics of multiple hashtags at once.
  • It should provide you with insights such as average likes, comments, and engagement rate for each hashtag.
  • It should show you how many unique accounts use a specific hashtag to minimise repetition.

Recommend Popular Hashtags

Another essential feature in a good hashtags generator is the ability to recommend popular hashtags. The right hashtags can help increase your post’s visibility and improve your engagement rate. Recommending popular hashtags also means that you don’t have to waste time searching for and testing new ones all the time.

The generator should suggest relevant and trending hashtags that complement the content of your posts.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for this feature:

  • It should suggest hashtags that are appropriate for the content.
  • It should recommend hashtags that are relevant to the industry or niche.
  • It should provide a broad range of hashtag suggestions to minimise repetition.

Save Preferred Hashtags

Lastly, a good hashtags generator should allow you to save preferred hashtags. This feature saves you time and effort in the future when creating new instagram posts. If you’re running a business instagram account, you probably have a set of hashtags you use consistently.

By having them saved, all you have to do is copy and paste them into your new post to save time and maintain consistency in your brand voice.

When choosing a hashtags generator based on this feature, keep these points in mind:

  • It should enable you to save your preferred hashtags individually or in groups.
  • It should allow you to edit and update your saved hashtags.
  • It should be easy to access your saved hashtags when creating a new post.

A good hashtags generator can help take some of the guesswork out of creating instagram posts. By looking for these essential features when choosing one, you can save time and effort while also improving engagement on your posts.

Top Hashtags Generators For Instagram

Top Hashtag Generator Platforms For Instagram

In today’s world, social media has become an integral part of our lives. And, for businesses and individuals alike, instagram has proven to be one of the most powerful platforms for reaching their target audience. Hashtags are a crucial aspect of finding and reaching that audience.

With millions of users on instagram vying for everyone’s attention, the right hashtag can make all the difference in your visibility. Here are the top hashtag generators for instagram based on their features, effectiveness, user-friendliness, and price.


Hashtagify is a free option that’s easy to use, making it perfect for beginners. It’s especially useful for finding related hashtags and figuring out which ones are trending. However, it doesn’t provide much information beyond that.


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Great for finding related hashtags


  • Limited information
  • Not as comprehensive as paid options


Ingramer is a paid hashtag generator that offers a range of pricing options, from daily subscriptions to yearly plans. Its ai technology creates a customized set of hashtags that’s unique to every user. Ingramer also provides analytics to show you which hashtags are performing the best for your posts.


  • Customized hashtags
  • Wide selection of pricing options
  • Analytics to track hashtag performance


  • Paid service
  • May be overwhelming for beginners

All Hashtag

All hashtag is a free hashtag generator that’s incredibly user-friendly. It’s one of the most versatile generators, allowing users to generate hashtags based on different categories such as location, keywords, and events. All hashtag also provides analytics for each generated hashtag and suggests how to use them.


  • Free
  • User-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Provides analytics for generated hashtags


  • May not be comprehensive enough for advanced users


Tagblender is another free hashtag generator that’s easy to use. It allows users to generate a large number of hashtags in just a click. Tagblender boasts over 100,000 generated hashtags and integrates with social media platforms like instagram and twitter.

However, its generator is not customizable, and it may generate irrelevant hashtags.


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Large number of generated hashtags
  • Integrates with social media platforms


  • No customization
  • May generate irrelevant hashtags

The choice of a hashtag generator is personal and should align with your needs. For beginners, free options like hashtagify and all hashtag are excellent choices, while advanced users can opt for paid options like ingramer. Whatever your choice, ensure that your hashtags are relevant, trending, and resonate with your target audience.

How To Use A Hashtags Generator Effectively

Hashtags are a critical part of any instagram strategy. They help your content get discovered by a wider audience, attract new followers, and increase your engagement rate. However, finding the right hashtags to use can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to instagram.

This is where a hashtags generator comes in handy. We will explain how to use a hashtags generator effectively to get the most out of your instagram marketing strategy.

Provide A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use Hashtags Generator For Instagram Effectively

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a hashtags generator effectively:

  • Understand your target audience and niche: Before you start generating hashtags, it’s important to understand your target audience and niche. This will help you find the right hashtags that resonate with your audience and improve your chances of getting discovered.
  • Identify seed keywords: Once you understand your target audience and niche, identify a few seed keywords that are relevant to your content. These seed keywords will be the building blocks of your hashtags strategy.
  • Enter seed keywords into a hashtags generator: After identifying your seed keywords, enter them into a hashtags generator. The hashtags generator will generate a list of hashtags that are relevant to your content and niche.
  • Choose a mix of broad and specific hashtags: When choosing hashtags, it’s important to choose a mix of broad and specific hashtags. Broad hashtags have a higher search volume, but they are also more competitive. Specific hashtags have a lower search volume, but they are also less competitive.
  • Test and analyze hashtag performance: After using hashtags, test and analyze their performance. This will help you identify which hashtags are working and which ones are not, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Recommend Best Practices Such As Starting With Broad Hashtags, Testing And Analyzing Hashtag Performance, And Avoiding Banned And Spammy Hashtags

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when using hashtags on instagram:

  • Start with broad hashtags: Starting with broad hashtags can help you get discovered by a wider audience. However, as your account grows, you can start using more specific hashtags to attract a more targeted audience.
  • Test and analyze hashtag performance: Testing and analyzing hashtag performance is essential to identifying which hashtags are working and which ones are not. Use instagram insights to track your reach and engagement rate for each post to determine which hashtags are driving the most engagement.
  • Avoid banned and spammy hashtags: Using banned or spammy hashtags can harm your account’s visibility and lead to suspension. Make sure to check the hashtags you use against instagram’s list of banned hashtags, and avoid using spammy hashtags that are irrelevant to your content.

Offer Tips On How To Combine Different Types Of Hashtags (Such As Branded And Community Hashtags)

Here are some tips on how to combine different types of hashtags:

  • Branded hashtags: Branded hashtags are unique hashtags that are specific to your brand. They can help you build brand awareness and encourage user-generated content. Make sure to include your branded hashtags in every post.
  • Community hashtags: Community hashtags are hashtags that are relevant to your niche but not specific to your brand. They can help you reach a wider audience and boost your engagement rate. Make sure to include a mix of community hashtags in every post.
  • Lifestyle hashtags: Lifestyle hashtags are hashtags that are related to your niche but go beyond it. They can help you tap into wider conversations and attract a broader audience. Make sure to include a few lifestyle hashtags in every post.

Using hashtags effectively is essential to growing your instagram account and improving your engagement rate. By following the best practices and tips outlined you’ll be able to generate a winning hashtags strategy that helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Hashtags Generator For Instagram

What Is A Hashtag Generator For Instagram?

A hashtag generator helps create relevant and trending hashtags to improve discoverability and gain more followers on instagram. It suggests hashtags based on image content and the target audience’s interests.

How To Use A Hashtag Generator For Instagram?

Enter the main keyword or select an image on the generator. It will suggest up to 30 relevant hashtags for instagram, including popular, trending, and niche specific. Copy and paste the hashtags into the instagram posts or stories.

Can I Generate Hashtags For Multiple Images?

Yes, a good hashtag generator can generate hashtags for multiple images at once. You can upload bulk images and get a list of relevant hashtags for all the images.

Do Hashtag Generators For Instagram Cost Money?

Many hashtag generators are available for free online, but the more advanced and premium versions may require a fee to access.

Are There Any Risks To Using A Hashtag Generator For Instagram?

There are no risks associated with using a hashtag generator for instagram. However, it’s essential to research the suggested hashtags before using them to avoid inappropriate or unprofessional content.


Hashtag generator tools are taking instagram marketing to the next level. They enable brands to attract a massive audience, measure their reach, and stay ahead of the competition. Our review exposed some of the best hashtag generators available in the market, whether for small or large businesses.

With such tools, you can create custom hashtags based on your interests, generate relevant tags for your posts or even analyze your hashtags’ performance. It’s worth noting that the ultimate benefit of using an instagram hashtags generator is to gain more followers, increase your engagement rates, and enhance your online reputation.

As you develop your social media marketing strategy, consider integrating these hashtag generators to optimize your instagram posts and simultaneously thrive in your business.


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