Why Visit the Magical City?


People often asked why we keep returning year after year to Cape Town and answer is usually a similar, because we’ve not seen everything yet!

“A world in one country” is that the way South Africa is commonly described, but this statement can so easily be attributed to Cape Town alone.

Cape Town is one among the highest destinations world-wide for vacations lately and now that South Africa has managed 10 years with relative stability and economic process , people are rushing to require a glance at the magical city.

Based within the hemisphere , its summer months are those of December, January and February; the winter months, June, July and August. For those folks within the hemisphere , the destination for winter warmth is second to none.

What are you able to expect to ascertain and do?

Mountains and sea dominate the landscape and shape Cape Town’s character.

One of the primary ports of call is Table Mountain, which fills the skyline with its impressive edifice and flat-topped surface. Everywhere you enter Cape Town is within the shadow of the Mountain, whose face changes because the sun moves around – it’s something you never get bored of.

In the Waterfront, life teems with award-winning restaurants, shops, entertainment, education and accommodation, all amongst a working harbour and docks. Brightly coloured fishing boats jostle with cruise ships, like the planet.

Life on the ocean wave means boating, surfing, kite surfing, water-skiing, rock pools or simply paddling. The sandy, white beaches stretch all the way along two coasts, one on the Indian Ocean , one on the Atlantic , with something to occupy everyone.

Animal life abounds, both within the wild and in additional structured environments. the 2 Oceans Aquarium within the Waterfront offers glimpses of the various life found off the South African coastline.

Down within the harbour, the seals bum within the sun, entertaining the visitors. Birdlife is spectacular, from Egrets, Pelicans, Terns, Oyster Catchers, through to Flamingo and birds of prey.

Away from the coast, wonderful inland towns like Stellenbosch support a singular wine route, with many different wine estates. The Cape Dutch houses, with beautiful furniture and an insight into a life not with us, bring an entire new aiming to the word museum, whilst tasting of the wines produced on these estates brings us firmly back to the modern-day.

Busy holidays, lazy holidays, a mixture of the 2 – all are on offer during the magical city, whilst the sun shines down with benevolence on a world in one country.

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