eHarmony dating app reviews

eHarmony dating app reviews: Online dating is not a new concept, but there are many different ways to look for love on the Internet, from traditional websites and apps to social media.

The eHarmony dating app allows users to create a free profile, where they’ll be able to connect with other people based on shared interests. But how well does the service work? This blog post will walk you through everything you need to know to decide if eHarmony is right for you.

With more than 2.4 million users worldwide, Match Group’s eHarmony is one of the most well-known and popular dating apps on the market.

Our in-depth review of eHarmony reveals that the site is not only an excellent choice for severe couples looking for a long-term relationship, but it’s also an excellent choice for those who are looking for a casual relationship. However, eHarmony is not a good fit for those looking for a casual dating site.

If you’re ready to get started with eHarmony, we’ve included a free trial link below that you can use to start diving into things yourself. Feel free to click now, or take a minute to read through some of our expert’s opinions from their eHarmony reviews first and then check things out. You’re in the driver’s seat today.

eHarmony Pros

  • You’ll find a variety of singles to choose from
  • An easy-to-use interface that is both mobile and desktop friendly.
  • The highly sophisticated matching system has a profound success rate.
  • There are over 2 million members and counting on the dating site.
  • 51% men to 49% women (slightly more women than men)
  • eHarmony has integrated a new video dating platform into its app.

eHarmony Cons

  • Free communication weekends, but the limited free trial
  • A little more expensive than some dating sites
  • The only drawback is that it’s not ideal for singles looking for casual dating
  • The app has a longer sign-up process than many other dating apps. You can sign up for a free trial account.

You can join through this link, and you will automatically be set up with a free trial account. You will be able to participate in free communication weekends, and you will receive discounts and promos only to those who have signed up for a free trial account.

The eHarmony Sign Up Process.

The first thing you should know about signing up for eHarmony is that they take this process seriously. They don’t just want to get you signed up and then walk away. They want to get you signed up and meet that special someone!

To create an account on eHarmony, you can either log in through Facebook, create a manual account with your email, or create an account with your Apple ID if you’re using the eHarmony app. You can also log in with your Google account if you have one.

Another thing to consider is that you may want to provide more information than you usually would. For example, you can set up your eHarmony profile to say you are looking for a long-term relationship. This will give you a little more room to say what you want to say.

You can do this by first deselecting everything and only providing them with the information you have to share publicly, and then you can fill out the rest of the information on your own. After that, it’s up to you, but this is what we chose to do because we wanted to fill out everything ourselves. Who knows what crazy stuff we have on our Facebook profile we forgot about?

If you’d like to save time with the sign-up process, though, by all means, let them do what they do best and leave it all checked. Once you get your initial account created, you’ll go right into the compatibility quiz. 

eHarmony Compatibility Quiz

We don’t want to post the compatibility quiz questions here because we don’t want to ruin the process for you. We can give you the details about how it works, though. eHarmony will ask you a series of questions about yourself, how you feel about yourself, what you’re looking for in a partner, and a whole lot more. They even have some odd questions that have you look at many pictures and decide which one you like the most. It seems strange, but their process has incredible results, so we’re game.

It’s not that hard, though, and it’s not the secret to their success. Instead, we think you should take the eHarmony compatibility quiz seriously and put some time into your answers. eHarmony boasts that this is the secret to all of their success, and if you’re someone who has been struggling to find that special someone, why not give them a chance to work their magic?

It will take you 15-20 minutes to fill out the quiz. You may want to take your time if you’re serious about your compatibility.

The questions in the compatibility quiz are all on a scale of how much something applies to you. You’re given three options for each question, and the compatibility score is based on the amount of agreement between your answers.

The next step is to answer the algorithm’s questions to match you with compatible matches. Once you get done filling out your compatibility quiz, the experts and the algorithms at eHarmony will go to work. Don’t worry if you can’t finish your sign-up all in one sitting. eHarmony will save everything for you if you need to come back at a later date. So you’ll know you’re done when you see this magical screen.

Selecting Your eHarmony Preferences

After answering a series of questions, you select your preference of people to match with. eHarmony is a compatibility quiz of around 100 questions to gather your view and liking of things from social life to religious beliefs.

eHarmony is a website where you can find your soulmate, whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or a one-night stand. So upload your best headshots and start browsing eHarmony for the love of your life.

Free Features of eHarmony

If you are new to eHarmony, the basic membership will give you access to all basic features. You can upgrade to the premium membership for extra features.

  • Unlimited matches
  • Ability to send and receive smiles, icebreakers, and messages
  • Ability to respond to the first message from a match
  • Ability to browse anonymously

Premium Features of eHarmony

Premium members will gain access to the fee-based features, including:

  • View member photos
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Browse profiles anonymously
  • Get matches outside your set preferences
  • Unlimited messaging
  • See who added you to their favourites list

Four easy steps to find the right match on eHarmony

  1. Take the eHarmony compatibility quiz to determine how compatible you are with other people.
  2. Answer some basic questions to help us narrow down people who meet your criteria.
  3. Review the profiles of everyone we’ve determined to be the right match for you.
  4. There are so many different membership options to choose from. Make sure that you pick one that fits your needs and start communicating at your own pace.

How Much Does eHarmony Cost per month?

For those serious about finding their life partner, eHarmony offers several membership options that you may want to consider.

One month membership: $59.95

Three-month membership: $89.85 or $29.95/month

Six month membership: $179.50 or $29.90/month

Twelve-month membership: $209.40 or $19.95/month

Frequently Asked Questions about eHarmony.

eHarmony is a great dating site if you’re looking for a long-term relationship. It has a large membership base and detailed profiles. However, the cost of premium membership might be a drawback for some.

Yes, eHarmony has a good reputation, and it’s been around for many years. Eharmony has over 750,000 paid subscribers and over 10 million active users.

Dating sites like eHarmony have been responsible for helping over 2 million people find true love. This site is one of the most effective and trusted dating sites for finding long-term, serious relationships.

Singles looking for serious and committed relationships will find a lot to love about the site, and singles looking for casual dating will find that it’s not a good fit for them.

eHarmony is dedicated to helping people find their ideal partner, no matter their age. This is excellent news for older adults, who are one of the fastest-growing demographics in online dating.

Video Date is a pretty unique feature of the eHarmony dating app. It enables you to meet other people from the comfort of your home while still providing an authentic online dating experience.

If you are looking for love, eHarmony is the place to be. Please get to know your matches by taking a quick look at their profile and sending them a message about something you have in common.

The eHarmony cancellation period is 14 days, during which you can cancel the subscription, request a refund, or request an exchange. After that, you can contact the Customer Service Team by phone, email, or by submitting a form on the eHarmony website.

If you have a free eHarmony account, you don’t need a code to get complimentary messages and icebreakers in your inbox. You can read all your messages and respond to potential matches without a paid membership or an eHarmony free communication weekend.

It’s best to pick a site that suits your personality and relationship goals. If you’re looking for a casual relationship, Zoosk is the right choice. If you want something more serious, eHarmony will have more singles who align with those goals and is the right choice. If you want to see profiles, stick with Zoosk.

According to reports, 71% of women and 69% of men meet their spouses on eHarmony within a year of joining. So if you are active on eHarmony, are good at writing messages and have a good profile, you have a better chance of meeting your spouse on eHarmony.

Your sign-up questionnaire will be more critical to how long things take to work. Unlike other dating sites that allow you to go at your own pace, eHarmony follows a more structured approach so that you may see fewer options at first, but the quality of votes will be better, and you will get better results.

eHarmony is free for a limited time to daters worldwide. You can upload your profile photos, fill out your information, complete the matching tests and questionnaires, and see other singles.

You can sign up for a free trial to eHarmony through the links at the top and bottom of this page. You will need to pay for an upgraded membership to have full access to all of the site’s features.

Yes! eHarmony has an iOS (iPhone) and Android dating app. You can download the apps through the free trial links on this page or through your device’s app store.


It’s important to remember that no single solution can work for every type of person. Many people feel like they’ve tried it all, so why not try something new. Many dating apps out there are great, but they aren’t always the best option for everyone. Sometimes, you’ll find an app that you like but don’t want to use because it just doesn’t seem to work for you.

We’ve personally found that eHarmony is a very different type of relationship app. For me, it’s one of the best. For you, it may be completely different. That’s fine. The beauty of the Internet is that you can test everything out, see what you think, and get rid of anything you don’t like.

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